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Somethings, it seems, never change. In our culture when a woman is raped, the go-to thoughts tend to be, “What did she do wrong? Was she in a skeevy bar? Did she dress provocatively? Did she lead the guy on?” Even women do this, and I think we do it because, subconsciously, we feel the terror of helplessness. So, we think of all the other things that could possibly have stopped it. There must have been something she could have done differently?! …There must be a way I can assure this will never happen to me. We demonize the woman because if she was bad or dirty and that’s why it happened, we don’t have to worry about it happening to nice, clean us.

This type of thinking has even been trumpeted from the pulpit, where Bathsheba is blamed for her role in David’s great sin. “She shouldn’t have been bathing on the roof!” The roof was a private place, and she was purifying herself according to Biblical regulations. “She shouldn’t have gone!” If the president summoned you, wouldn’t you go? Her husband was in his list of the mighty men of David, maybe she thought it was about that. There is no indication she knew what was coming. “She should have said ‘no'”. Maybe she did. The Bible doesn’t give us a play by play, but it does put the action on David. HE did it. HE lay with her. When punishment came from God, it came to David. Nowhere does the Bible accuse Bathsheba of wrong-doing. We do though. Surely, such an great man would never do something like that without provocation! Surely, this bright college student? Surely, not her own boyfriend? Shame on us, again and again.