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Experiencing demons seems to be part of the Open experience but so does a greater sensitivity to experiencing the divine. I had dreams and encounters with God as a child, before I ever became “born again”. I never doubted that God was real, just as someone who saw color would not doubt that trees were green. Still, even though I had what many would call “religious experiences”, I had never seen an angel. I was a teenager when I started praying, “Lord, if I’m going to see demons, I would really like to see an angel too.” I was house-sitting, when he answered.

As I lay in bed at night, the room became very oppressive. I don’t remember if I was visibly seeing forms or if I just felt their presence, but I began to pray. When I opened my eyes from praying I saw the angel. He was liquid metal colored, glowing goldens, silvers, and bronzes- beautiful. His expression toward me was kind, and then he drew out his sword. At that moment, I felt such peace that I immediately fell asleep. I woke up in the morning feeling deliciously calm and rested. It was a few moments before the memories from the night before came rushing in. God had answered my prayers in an amazing way.


Angels, like demons, can choose how they appear to people. My four-year-old drew this picture from a dream. He said that the pictures of angels are right except that they aren’t white-they are every color, even colors we don’t have.

Since then, I have only visibly seen an angel a few other times, but I have felt them on many occasions. In my experience, people have two. I don’t know why or if everyone has two. All I know is that when I feel them around people, I always feel two. I know they watch, and I’ve heard them laugh (Never in a mean way, just amused. We are funny things, us humans). They have distinction and personality; however, if they wanted to be made an object of worship and attention, they would be a lot more obvious about what they do, like demons are. They are there, but they don’t draw attention to themselves because everything they do and are flows from God, and that is where their existence is meant to point, just like ours.