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Worship songs abound with petitions to see God’s glory. It is frequent to hear prayers to feel God’s presence and for his spirit to move, but what if we are asking the wrong things?

Isaiah 6:3 says that the whole earth is filled with the Lord’s glory.

Both Jeremiah 23:24 and Psalm 139 talk about how God is everywhere.

Spirit in Hebrew and Greek can be translated as wind or breath, and movement is inherent in the very idea.

So, if the whole earth is filled with his glory, than why do we not see it?

If God is everywhere, why don’t we feel him?

If the Spirit is always moving, why do we get stagnant?

Perhaps, we don’t see his glory because we are not looking in the right places. Sure, we may catch a fleeting glimpse in a worship service, but that glimpse isn’t meant to tide us over until the next time. Rather, it may be that the glimpse is to help whet our appetite and encourage us to be on the lookout for the physical expression of the glimpse. It may be that we suddenly catch sight of his glory in the trust in a child’s eyes, in a kindness not earned, in the beauty of a quiet stream. His glory fills the earth, and if we are looking, we will see it.


Perhaps, we aren’t aware of his presence because we are expecting to feel it only in one way. A glorious, weighty visitation is a gift, but the absence of that gift is not the absence of its giver. Sometimes it is us, bringing a meal and the presence of God with it. Sometimes, it is someone else, someone who just sits with us in our darkness, and becomes the reminder that he never leaves us or forsakes us. Maybe that is why he said, “Where two or more gather, there I am in the midst of them.”


Perhaps, we get stagnant, not for lack of a “big move of the Spirit” but because we are not moving with the Spirit. The movement of the Spirit is not a feeling but rather divine motion. When we move with the Spirit, we will find ourselves moved to love others, share in joy, be bearers of peace, extend patience, show kindness, participate in goodness, encourage gentleness, and practice self-control. When our lives are full of those things, we cannot “feel” stagnant because divine motion has swept us up in its current.


The whole earth is filled with the Glory of the Lord. Let us see it.

God’s presence is everywhere. Let us be aware of it.

The Spirit is always moving. Let us move with it.